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Where did everyAir go?

In April 2011, the team behind everyAir was "acqui-hired." This is industry jargon for when the team that created a product or service gets acquired by another company. This type of acquisition is also commonly referred to as a "talent acquisition." Since we're now working on a similar technology stack, we removed everyAir from sale.

Is everyAir still supported?

While we no longer officially support everyAir, we try our best to respond to any issues if you email support at everyair dot net.

What are you going to do with the project?

We're considering a variety of options, but haven't decided on anything in specific. One option we're considering is open sourcing both the client and the server. We believe there is an interesting opportunity to produce an open source protocol for streaming desktops (similar to VNC).

For information on everyAir, check out the links below:

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If you have any other questions, feel free to email us: support at everyair dot net.